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Packing Materials

Carrying out every moving and storage assignment with excellence and precision, Desert Moving Company & Storage utilizes nothing short of the most reliable packing supplies in the industry. Apart from providing much needed protection for your property during the move, these materials allow you and our local movers added convenience when it comes to sorting, delivering, and unpacking your belongings. Should you wish to undertake the packing yourself, these recommended supplies are also available for purchase. Offering you a worthy investment, these packing materials can make a huge difference in terms of safeguarding the value of your possessions.

Specialized Cartons

  • Dishpack – Designed for dishware, glassware, and other fragile items, these cartons come with internal dividers for protection against scratches.
  • Wardrobe – Allows clothing to hang on a metal bar.
  • Mattress – Protects mattresses from damage, dust, and dirt.
  • Mirror – Devised to accommodate different sizes of mirrors, picture frames, and other flat items.

Wrapping Supplies

  • Newsprint – Offers a smooth and clean surface for wrapping and is not incorporated with newspaper ink, which may soil or damage your belongings during moving and storage.
  • Bubble wrap/ packs – Provides a cushioned surface for added protection on extra fragile items.


  • High-quality 1½ to 2-inch wide packing tapes
  • PVC-types/ strapping tape with filament strands – one of the best options for added protection
  • Steadily closes boxes and containers for local and international moving.

Marking pens

  • Heavy permanent markers

Usage tips for moving and storage:

  • List the main items packed inside each container/ box.
  • Indicate which rooms boxes are to be placed in upon delivery.
  • Add important notes, like “FRAGILE” or “THIS END UP.”
  • Identify cartons with your last name/ company name to assist the driver and our local movers in unloading at the destination.