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Moving with Children

Relocation can be a confusing phase from a child’s perspective, especially if it involves leaving the only home he/she has ever known. Allow your kids to embrace and see residential moving from a positive and exciting point of view with these suggested pieces of advice:

  1. Talk to your kids openly about your plans to relocate and be patient with their reactions and questions.
  2. Include them in the preparation process by taking them with you when you look for a new home. Help your kids learn about the new neighborhood to ease some of their worries. If your residential moving involves going from suburban to rural, or vice versa, provide them necessary guidelines about unfamiliar situations they may face.
  3. Give them the opportunity to pick out their new rooms and allow them the chance to decorate them to get them excited about the idea of moving in.
  4. Encourage your kids to trade addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses with their friends so they know they can always stay in touch.
  5. Apart from the moving & storage services Desert Moving Company & Storage will provide, involve the kids in the relocation process by having each child pack their own special box with their favorite items.
  6. As soon as you’re done unpacking the most important items, take a family break and enjoy your new home with the kids.
  7. See if you can enroll your kids in the same activities they were involved in at your former community. Accompany them for the first few days of classes. Ask about their progress after the move and how they are warming up to their new school and friends.
  8. If health abnormalities persist, such as loss of appetite or insomnia, contact your doctor as soon as possible.