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Moving Electronics

From household electronics to large scale corporate moving and corporate storage, Desert Moving Company & Storage local and interstate moving company can provide careful relocation of all your electronic equipment. For added advice on packing these items and getting them ready for transport, check out the tips and strategies below:

How to move a computer

Protect your system from mechanical failure and normal physical shock during transport with these ideas:

  • Make backup copies of your data files and store them together with the original program discs in a strong container, like a fireproof lockbox. Remove floppy diskettes from the drives and instead insert a cardboard disc or an old floppy disc in the drive.
  • Park your hard drive and make a backup of all the software. Some newer models may not require parking so check the owner’s manual for more details.
  • Turn off the system and remove all cables from the back of the unit.
  • The original packaging is the best choice for packing the system. You may also ask Desert Moving Company & Storage interstate moving company for packing materials that can securely hold your computer system.

How to move a printer

  • As with the computer system, the original packaging box is the ideal choice for secure transport of the printer.
  • For laser printers, remove the ink cartridge as the ink may spill and contaminate the laser engine.
  • For printers, you should insert a piece of paper in the platen to secure the print head.

How to move a CD or DVD player

  • Remove all CDs/DVDs from the player before packing.
  • If you don’t have the owner’s manual, draw a diagram of the wiring before disconnection, or take a picture with your phone or camera for easier installation.
  • Some CD/DVD players have a transport screw under the unit. Tighten it before packing.
  • Remove any stacker or multi-play cartridges prior to packing and wrap individually.
  • Close CD/DVD trays.
  • Use the original box for packing the unit or ask Desert Moving Company & Storage for a carton that will securely hold the player.
  • Wrap wiring and remote controls separately, but keep them in the same box.

How to move a big screen TV and other electronics

  • Use the original packaging or a carton that will hold the system firmly in place during transport.
  • Pack all cords and remote controls in the same box as the unit.
  • As with the DVD system, take a picture with your phone or camera, draw a simple diagram, or color-code or label wires before disconnecting to make reconnecting much simpler.
  • Whether it’s for residential or corporate moving or storage, complete a list of all electronic components and computer equipment with the serial numbers of each piece prior to moving them.