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Eco-friendly Moving Tips

7 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

From residential to corporate moving, there are plenty of ways to relocate while being a friend to the environment at the same time. Here are a couple of ways to go green for your big move.

  1. Give away instead of throwing away.

Instead of throwing non-essential items in the garbage bin, sort out the materials you can give away to the neighbors or to the less fortunate. Books and old computers can be donated to the local libraries or schools, while old clothes are better off in the hands of Goodwill and other charities.

  1. Promote re-use of items by selling them.

Have a yard sale and make a small profit off items that may still be used. You can even unload unwanted items by selling them online through eBay, Craigslist, and the Freecycle Network.

  1. Move with recyclable or reusable packing materials and packing paper.

Ask our Desert Moving Company & Storage local movers for used cartons at reduced prices.

  1. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.
  1. Minimize junk mail at your new address by filing a temporary change of address with your post office rather than a permanent one.
  1. If you’re packing smaller items in boxes, cornstarch packing peanuts provide a biodegradable option.
  1. When unpacking, expendables such as cartons, packing paper, peanuts, twine, rope and bungee are all reusable residential or corporate moving resources. Do not discard them and consider re-use at a later time.