8 Smart Tips for Packing Electronics – Desert Moving And Storage

Electronics are often both valuable and fragile. Packing and transporting electronics for a corporate moving or residential storage can seem intimidating. However, with the proper supplies and methods, you can warrant that these items will safely reach their destination. Here are 8 packing tips from well-trained Indian Wells movers.

1. Prepare the materials you need.

These include the original box or return kit of the electronics, double-walled box, antistatic packing popcorn or bubbles, marker, packing tape, twist ties, and sealable bags. Ask your local movers if they can provide any of these.

2. Label cords and cables properly.

Take time to look behind your electronics at how all of the cables connect. Use little strips of the packing tape to make labels for each cord. Writing what item it belongs to and any additional notes will help the moving & storage services crew when putting it back together.

3. Unplug and tie cables together.

Tightly fold the cables together and secure them with a twisty tie. This will will keep everything organized. It will also help prevent the cables from getting tangled together, a usual problem that eats plenty of time of local movers.

4. Pack electronic parts together.

Make sure to keep all of the pieces and parts of the electronics together. As much as possible, put all of the components of an item in a sealable bag. That way, when the local movers begin to put together your computer or TV, they know where all the parts are.

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5. Safely wrap the electronics.

It is best to wrap items with monitors in a layer of anti-static foam to avoid any scratching on the screen during the corporate moving day or throughout its stay in a residential storage facility. As you box each item, make sure to fill empty spaces with either newspaper or bubble wrap to help absorb any shock.

6. Organize boxes and containers while packing.

Moving & storage services providers suggest that it is more expedient to organize your boxes by room or by category. Whichever you prefer, be sure to keep your electronics packed together. Do not forget to label all boxes and mark them as fragile.

7. Write down specific instructions for your local movers.

For extra protection and easier referencing, secure a detailed step-by-step instructions on how you are dismantling complex electronic items so the moving & storage services personnel can refer to it later when assembling the devices. Keep this instruction guide in the box with the electronics.

8. Secure your CDs and software.

These items cannot tolerate high temperatures. If you have sensitive media, it is more advisable to carry it with you instead of putting it on the truck. Coordinate to your Indian Wells movers about this matter before you pack and ship it.

Advance planning and smart organization can make a big difference to your corporate moving experience. For further assistance, contact the professional Indian Wells movers at Desert Moving Company & Storage to learn more about packing electronics and how they can make your move or residential storage easier.